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We teach you how to make a presentation in PowerPoint.

We know structuring a story and using PowerPoint can be daunting. We also appreciate from experience, that current online training videos are too long to follow and hard to relate to.

We are passionate about helping you understand how to use PowerPoint effectively. Whether you are using PowerPoint to give presentations in interviews or preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a client, it is critical you not only understand the tricks, but you also appreciate what makes a good presentation. in the first place.


We have summarised all you need to know to improve your PowerPoint presentations, into five short videos spanning five areas. Pick and choose which areas you want to dive further into via the menu below - you will be an expert in creating professional PowerPoint presentations in no time!


We have taken real world experience and combined it with key topics, to provide a structured set of short videos for you. The areas are summarised below:

  • How to Structure a Slide

  • Formatting is Your Friend

  • The Power of Alignment

  • Impactful Data & Tables

  • Become a Shortcut Wizard

How to Structure a Slide

We'll walk you through how to structure a slide to effectively land your message:

  1. Five Rules, Benefits & What to Avoid

  2. How to Design a Storyboard

  3. End to End Run Through

Presentation in Class

Our Videos

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