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Image of a designer bringing a client's presentation vision to life

Why do we do it?

We are passionate about helping people across the world present with confidence and style, through PowerPoint.

Current Problem

The online world of presentation services is hard to consume. We are changing this and putting you first, helping you structure and create professional PowerPoint presentations.


To help anyone create a high quality professional PowerPoint presentation. ​


To make our current role obsolete in five years' time by giving you the material and skills required to create any professional PowerPoint presentation you want!

Our Values

We live by three simple rules when it comes to producing professional PowerPoint presentations

High Quality

Our work is always delivered to the highest possible standard


We pride ourselves on delivering work at pace and on time


We always work closely with you, to help you tell the perfect story

Completed Projects

Power Your Points was founded with the core purpose of helping businesses produce professional PowerPoint presentations.


We have extensive experience in producing high quality professional PowerPoint presentations at pace. This includes:

  • Advising C-Suite Executives across the Financial Services Sector

  • Supporting Board decisions in the FinTech space

  • Working with early stage companies to raise capital


Below is a short list of selected previous projects for you to explore. 


Pitch Decks & Investor Presentations

Raising capital is hard ... really hard!


We have collaborated with a number of teams to curate compelling storyboards and produce final pitch decks for potential investors. This has resulted in teams successfully securing funding. Industries covered include:

  • AI Sports Start-Up

  • Digital Healthcare

  • Biotech Start-Ups

  • Real Estate Companies

  • Charities

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