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We improve your existing PowerPoint presentations through design.


Effective slides are difficult to create, especially when you have received the wrong advice or teaching. A lot of slide deck designs we see, lack slickness, appear unstructured and regularly confuse people.



We use our skills and experience to design a final engaging slide deck to be presented to your audiences.

The Guidance service is not about us creating a professional PowerPoint presentation for you. It is about us using our experience to re-design your presentations to effectively deliver your key messages. 

How & Price?

We follow a collaborative process for all projects that is outlined below. Each presentation is £2,000 and includes:

  • Ready in 5 business days

  • Unlimited revisions for 14 days

  • Up to 15 slides

  • £100 per additional slide

Understand Challenges

Email us or set-up an initial video call with us by using the "Book Online" tab at the top of the page.


During this call, we will work with you to understand the scope & vision for the final product.


This is also the stage where contracts and any legal requirements are completed.

Review & Update

We will review your presentation & using our expertise, we will design potential alterations to answer your key challenges faced from previous times you have presented.

We will not create any additional slides. If you send us 10 slides, we will send you 10 back.

Final Recommendations

We will send you the updated new professional PowerPoint presentation with the final recommendations back to you alongside the original deck with the rationale behind why each change has been proposed.

Unlimited revisions can then be made 14 days after the final review.

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